Foreign Matters 8

Some people think there’s nothing more to India than spicy food, yoga, and poverty, but that’s because they rely on that Coldplay video for their research resource. You know better, right?

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Foreign Matters 7

Are you confused about China’s finance industry? Me too! But let’s examine “shadow banking,” anyway. Also: Chinese smog masks are now a fashion statement, and the origin of your frozen berries is a cause for concern. [Updated 03.24.16]

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Foreign Matters 6

To an enterprising businessperson, the vast Chinese economy is either an untapped profit trove or a nightmare that’s best avoided. Should you take the plunge or risk losing everything? Also: What’s “guanxi” and why do you need it? [Updated 03.14.16]

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Foreign Matters 5

Pssst! It’s a secret, but China is no. 1. C’mon, let’s face it: 1.4B Chinese are consuming, polluting, and growing debt on a massive scale while everyone grapples with denial. Wake up and smell the Oolong! Because you’re going to need a jugful to get through this post… [Updated 03.14.16]

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Foreign Matters 4

Repeat after me: USA! USA! How much higher will your dollar stray? Also: A nifty tool for interstate and international trade data, Chicago’s downfall, tech workers want to work in these cities, state charitableness, and a history of US panics that’s as fascinating as it is long.

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Foreign Matters 3

Booorrrnnn in the USAAAA…remember that song? Many wish its title applied to them, but not this medical condition that afflicts 50% of America’s residents. Also: Harvard is well endowed, and Miami’s real estate market ascends while signs of decline elsewhere abound. [Updated 10.08.15]

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Foreign Matters 2

We’re back in the USA because once you’re here, why leave? Speaking of immigrants, there’s a cultural divide between generations that’s only getting wider, and America prefers its workers from this part of the world. Also California: its economy, water woes, and those darn frackers with their giant drills. [Updated 10.11.15]

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Foreign Matters

Do we live in a borderless world? Not yet. So until such time, we’re compelled to heed national and regional differences in order to better determine the outcome of our decisions. This series will explore what makes us distinct, starting with the USA. [Updated 09.24.15]

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Black Monday

Grrr! Last Monday, bull markets turned bearish, and now everyone wants to know: was it a crash or a correction? Experts weigh in on the event as well as offer free advice in lieu of hugs. Now’s not the time to sulk–I say take what you can get! [Updated 10.02.15]

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