Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality is the ability to insert and overlay digital and virtual information into the real world. FYI: Weather visualizations were the first application of AR to television.

AR markerQ: What is an AR Marker? How do I start the game?

A: An Augmented Reality (AR) Marker is effectively two dimensional symbol, similar to a QR code, that allows a camera to determine position and rotation relative to a surface. With this information, a camera can do many different things. However, in the context of the 3DS, it allows for super-imposing of 3D models onto the screen so that they appear to interact with the real world which is being captured by the camera.

The markers are not specifically found in the game. In other words, they are not digital items from within the game world. Instead you get the AR Markers from outside the game, on the Bravely Default website. As to “why on earth does a turn-based RPG require AR?”, it doesn’t require it, it is simply an added feature to augment the game’s storytelling.